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I like to call this a conversation.  This will be a spot where I share stories or comments about my experiences in real estate, in life, and just what I hope to bring to your world.
          So, let’s begin!  The images on this page need to be explained…. the home above is MY home, my favorite space and my forever home.  When Bob and I arrived in Fairfield Glade, we chose to lease a home (with a three garage garage) because we were moving in from Florida AND Wisconsin - with a need to store many things, and with a great selection of charitable organizations to donate the many doubles we seemed to have.  55+ years of marriage and one saver - a sizable amount of things!!  At any rate, we were able to purge a bit, and as I walked through our new neighborhoods, I found a favorite home that reminded me of Wisconsin.  Image my delight when I walked a “for sale” sign in the front yard of this home!  I called my REALTOR, and we toured the home.  YOU know that when you are searching, you look at many homes, and “know” when you see one that is THE one!  Well, I knew about three steps inside the foyer.  Uncanny!            At any rate, we made an offer and proceeded to close.  It was a good decision, and gives us our dream home with a great woodsy back yard attached to a conserved area with woods, large rocks, and wildlife!             We originally “retired” to Florida, but we don’t retire easy…. I began a career in real estate, RE/MAX in Fort Myers… and really had a great time adding many extended clients/friends to my life.  Once we found our home in Fairfield Glade, I again turned to working in real estate.  I SO love the journey that my buyers and sellers make, and am honored to be a small part of their journey!   Thank you!!           I am updating this in OCTOBER - can’t believe how quickly the days and weeks go by!  One of the promises to myself is TO TAKE A MOMENT, and enjoy nature and all it’s blessings.  Here in Tennessee we are lucky enough to have beauty in many forms - in our gardens or landscapes, the views as you drive through Fairfield Glade or even out in the county - Cumberland County on the Plateau is exceptional in every way!!             Currently our main entry road from the Interstate 40 is undergoing a rebirth!  Called Hwy 101 or Peavine Road - it will bring you into Fairfield Glade NOW within cones and barriers but SOON - well perhaps within 2 years, we will have a five-lane road to lessen the traffic flow AND make it easier to turn into our business areas with the middle turn lane!  Meanwhile we are all alert to changes, stop flaggers and slow flaggers…. but downtown Crossville is still only a few miles away!!           This is the start of our fall beauty - a great time to visit, enjoy the many activities and the beauty of our area!!  Let me know if you are coming and we can talk about your real estate goals!!           I have been working on an area tour and hope to be able to share it with you very soon!                 Enjoy this short video tour of our beautiful Fairfield Glade!                                                                    A tour of Fairfield Glade