How do I?

We are looking at the general area for a place to retire.  It may be a year or two until we retire…. should I begin looking now?  Could we visit and spend some time in the area, perhaps take a tour of the amenities, the neighborhoods, and even see a few homes just to “kick the tires” before we make our decision?

Absolutely!!  Great Thoughts!

Sure like the way you think!  It is a great idea to check out our area EVEN if it may be a year or more before you decide to move! Of course our market is always changing, but anytime you visit you will get an idea of the atmosphere and the amenities -  and you will probably be astounded at WHAT you can buy for your dollars here in Fairfield Glade.  Couple that with our low cost of living and you have a winning combination!

What should I have if I am going to make an offer to purchase?

We will be coming to purchase a property if we find just the right one.  What should I have ready if we write an offer?

Great Question!

You will want to have your checkbook, so that you can make a small escrow deposit to accompany your offer.  You will also want to have the name of your lender, or a letter from your bank or financial account indicating that you have sufficient funds to make the purchase.  If you have not visited with a lender, and I advise strongly that you speak to at least one of our local lenders, you will want to do that.  Typically a lender will advise you about our market, and will give you a pre-approval letter that will say your probable purchase loan amount (or up to)… that is NOT an approval, but a notice that IF  you supply all of your necessary documents to the lender, and they show your numbers to be as stated, you can progress to the mortgage process.  I would be happy to offer you a list of lenders that I have used personally.  Of course you will need to have your ID or drivers license (for copies).
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