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Fairfield Glade, TN           http://fairfieldglade.cc Described as a resort, retirement community and census- designated place (CDP) in Cumberland County, TN. We are NOT a gated community.  We are located in eastern Cumberland County, situated on several ridges and valleys on the Cumberland Plateau, bordered to the east by the valley of Daddys Creek, a tributary of the Obed River, and to the north by the state Catoosa Wildlife Management Area.  Crossville, the Cumberland County seat is 9 miles to the southwest via TN State Route 101. Fairfield Glade has a total area of 23.5 square feet, of which 22.7 square miles is land and .73 square miles is water. Population in 2010 Census was 6,989  (I can say that it may be double that now) Amenities include five 18-hole golf courses, a tennis/racket facility, eleven fishing and no-wake lakes, the largest two have marinas and beaches as well as equipment rental. We are NOT incorporated, but managed by the Fairfield Glade Community Club, a homeowner’s association. Association responsibilities include enforcement of architectural standards, maintenance and operation of the golf courses and resort amenities, road maintenance, and operation of the community’s sewage treatment plant. Wyndham also has numerous timeshare neighborhood within our community.  


Cumberland County, TN  Formed in 1856 from parts of surrounding counties, and during the Civil War, the county was nearly evenly split between the Union and Confederacy. By the numbers: County Seat is Crossville, TN         www.crossville-chamber.com Area Size is 685 square miles, with 3.8 square miles water. Population in 2010 was 56,053 6th Congressional District Central Time Zone http://cumberlandcountytn.gov The fourth largest county in TN Home to a number of karst formations, most notably at Grassy Cove, a large closed depression located southeast of Crossville. It is 3 miles wide, 5 miles long and over 1,000 feet deep. All of the water draining into Grassy Cove flows underground through a large cave system and emerges 4 miles southwest at the head of the Sequatchie Valley to form the Sequatchie River.


Cumberland County uses our sales tax (9.75%) to fund our schools; and many residents donate both time and supplies to help provide a quality education to our students of all ages! http://ccschools.k12tn.net  www.ttcc.edu/foundation


We enjoy a small mall in the center of Fairfield Glade, as well as a large Food City, Dollar General, Ace Hardware, Dollar Tree, a number of Upscale Boutiques with a wide selection of clothing and gift items; several beauty salons, a small Kroger, gas stations, many restaurants and small shops, and several banks, both regional and local.


Our Fairfield Glade Resident Service has a good program that can offer transportation to those not able to drive.  Our community does not offer a general bus service but does have shuttle service for large events.


Crossville offers a full service hospital; and has clinic and services also offered here in Fairfield Glade. http://www.cmchealthcare.org
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